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With great power comes great responsibility

Today, free market business wields an immense amount of power + influence over society. Businesses must understand our great responsibility to serve and protect life. We must be held under moral/legal obligation to measure success in terms of the positive impact on our society, environment and economy.

As a technology & arts company, b.creativ was founded on the principles of sustainability, dharma, and artistic passion. Put simply, we provide products and services that support sustainable business with initiatives in digital product development, content creation, marketing, education, and the biodegradable material replacement of petrol-plastics.

Abundance is yours,

Sean Ryan O'Connor & River Davis
Founders of b.creativ

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Have you ever seen a '$99 a month' cell phone advertisement & thought “Now that's art! I’m inspired and am definitely switching right now!” Yeah... Neither have we. Your content should be "informative art" that aims to educate and stimulate. How do you succeed in the digital era of business? A consistent stream of creative content is the most successful growth strategy. 

We don't just design content, we create content factories!


A dynamic and thoughtful digital presence is a necessity. Creative and intuitive, web design with systems to generate sales, manage production, optimize distribution, and build community (done sustainably) are the future of digital business.