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Your unsustainable competitors are posting content every day, are you?
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Your unsustainable competitors are posting content every day, are you?

Start Posting Social content Every day in 3 INCREDIBLY easy steps

In less than 30 seconds everyday, for the price of lunch, exponentially grow your business with VIDEO CONTENT delivered straight to your phone.
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Step 1
Sign Up Today

In 3 min or less -answer 8 questions about your brand including
auto-payment information.

(Remember you NEVER pay upfront. Only pay for the content you love)

Step 2
Get Daily Content

We text you a custom branded, watermarked video with a price everyday.

(Content is organized into 6-9-12 day campaigns based on your goals entered in Step 1)

Step 3
Approve Your Content

If you like the video - text back “1” and we'll charge your card, and send you the hi-res, clean version.

(Our Payments are secured through PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, & BrainTree)

You pay nothing unless you respond with an approval!

It's that simple.

We Make Social Media Easy

You need content every day that adds value to your brand, fosters your community and welcomes new growth.  

Get excited about social media again!
Every day

Social Media can be a pain in the ass.

The Content Jaguar delivers professional videos for your marketing and advertising daily, straight to your phone.
SAVE TIme & money

Re-purpose your social & marketing team to focus on revenue building activities. Stop tinkering with apps.

Only pay for the content you love no insane upfront agency fees.

$20-$50 avg. per video

Other Agencies

3 pieces of

30 pieces of
No risk
Stupid Easy

Videos delivered direct to your phone no BS, No upfront payments. No obligation. No Risk. Only pay for the content you love.

Plus our "Jaguar in a Tree" Guarantee
$0 Upfront Unconditional 7 day Money Back Guarantee. [1]

Video & Value

Video is the most valuable form of content. [2] It is also the most expensive to produce, but not for team Jaguar! Why? Our tech is straight up Futurama.
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Worlds Most Legendary Clients

Hospitality: Eco-Resort

"We were very pleased with the finished product and received great feedback on the content from our social community and guests!"
Emily Emig

Entertainer: Fashion Blogger

"We’ve worked together for more than a year creating my branded content across my social media!"
Crate Cafe

Hospitality: Restaurant & Cafe

"Content that really speaks and shows how Crate creates a communal, fun, and positive experience. We were truly impressed."
Coffee Cartel

Hospitality: Restaurant & Cafe

"We loved our content! It's really a content dream come true."
Guka Pitu

Health & Wellness: Light Worker

"One of the best professional experiences I have ever had."
Megan Marx

Entertainer: Model & Actress

"Everything came out so perfect!"
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We are THE sustainable agency for sustainable business

Ready to make SOCIAL media easy & post every day?

No other creative agency will make it this easy for you.
Here is what you'll Receive When You Sign Up
2x Free 30 Minute Social Media Consultation Call talk to one of our directors and get feedback and easy tips to grow and engage community.
Branded video campaigns for social marketing & advertising. Content delivered daily created by professional designers.
Every 4th Video Free for a Year That’s like getting 92 free posts if you post once everyday. So what’s the catch? Nothing - it’s affordable, super freakin’ easy, and crazy fun.
Guide to measuring content marketing success Identify & set effective goals, key results, and measurement metrics.
Guide to creating customer personas get the most out of your efforts by targeting your ideal customer no bs.
Customer cost of acquisition calculator know exactly how much a customer costs and how much value they bring to your biz.
Get The Benefits every business wants
Hassle Free Social Media Content Everyday
Easy Delivery Right To Your Phone
Professional Video Content
Save yourself and your business time and money

Payments accepted through PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Venmo, Credit Card
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b.creativ offers non-profits, NGOs, & sustainable businesses 50% off services

To qualify send us your mission and tell us how you are saving the world.

We do reserve the right to turn down any customer whose business has a negative impact on the world.


We proudly offer our "Jaguar In A Tree" Guarantee.

$0 Upfront and our unconditional 7 day Money Back Guarantee.

This offer is 100% Risk-Free. You have nothing to lose!

Start Sending Me Amazing Videos
Remember how you felt in middle school when your crush messaged you. That's how you're going to feel every time our texts hit your inbox. Get excited about social media again.

What is Content Jaguar?
What is the "Jaguar in a Tree" Guarantee?
What does b.creativ do?
Does b.creativ offer other services?
How can I build my business with content?
Is video content even valuable?
Are you a sustainable business owner?
Stop and read this!

"My passion is my business, and I know social media is important, but I feel like I'm spending too much time not really accomplishing anything. It has become such a hassle, why am I forcing myself do stuff I don't love?

It's becoming clear that I'm actually wasting time, and maybe even crippling my business. I should be more active in the local community, building the business, creating new offers, and providing my customers with the best possible service.

Instead I'm spending countless hours a week thinking about social media content. I know social media is extremely valuable but I’m no expert and I’m definitely not a professional designer and neither is my marketing team. When it comes making a choice between 3 hours on Canva or some design program to create a post (I know it needs to be done to succeed) or 3 hours dedicated to what I love to do, it's a no brainer.

To me as a business owner the latter seems much more important than fiddling with a social post I’m not even sure will really help us grow the business. I was stealing time from my passion and our community!  

So of course I'm going to focus on growing the business! I can't afford to post everyday and I need my marketing team to be selling!

I would love to hire an agency or even an entire team to create content, manage social media, and market our business. Though hiring and managing 3-5 people full-time or contracting an agency is anywhere from $9,000 to $50,000 a month is just not an option."

Sustainable Business Owner


We help passionate business professionals who are focused on having a positive impact, do the stuff they love. Assisting your business to create change in the world is our passion! After talking with hundreds of business owners, we built the Content Jaguar. Now, you as an owner, can spread your message, build community, and always keep focus on the tasks that matter.

Without a solid strategy, you're just treading water.

It's time to swim in an ocean free from plastic because your business has conquered your competitor that was killing our planet.

We want to help you grow, to be sustainable, to have an impact, and to be incredibly successful.

It's your duty to share your message everyday and demand attention, so that your business can save the world.

We are here to help you.

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