The Donnelly Agency

The Donnelly Agency makes disruptive advancements to the financial industry's business model, launching a modern brand identity unlike anything the industry has seen before.


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Concept and Goals

The Donnelly Agency is a disruptor in the financial industry. 65%  of their team are millennial females and boast one of the most culturally diverse staffs in the industry. They approached Breakthrough Creative about creating a fresh face and re-brand. The concept was to create an identity unlike anything in the financial industry. With a unique business model that had successfully grown over 15 years to include over 750 agents and more than 25 satellite offices. We welcomed the challenge!

In out brand strategy call they explained to us exactly what the did not want. They did not want to do anything that the current financial industry was doing. Our primary goal was to avoid a stale, outdated, manipulative system, design to take advantage of people. Avoid using corporate finance blue and design elements that reflect the current industry norm. A norm currently controlled by the old boys club. Aka, rich old white men disconnected from the X, Millennial, and Y  generations. 

They then enlightened us about what they did want. "Something fresh, modern, and that would easily explain our disruptive business model to youth generations." The Donnelly Agency does finance different. They first educate clients on the ways that money works and how it can work for them. Through this process of education they build trusted relationships. They can then, together, make the best financial wealth management decisions.

Education, Trust, Wealth.

Our design concept was built around the idea of bring the design industry into the finance industry. Creating a visual identity as if The Donnelly Agency were The MoMa, American Apparel, or Pentagram.

Scope of work

  Brand Identity

   Logo System with Variations 

   Color System 

   Typographic System

   Brand Guidelines Website


   Brand Animation

   Corporate Identity


Client - The Donnelly Agency  

Digital Agency - Breakthrough Creative

Creative Director - River Davis

Senior Designer - Mia Isabell Austli 

Video and Animation - River Davis 

Senior Editor - Jennifer Ireland

Creative Consultant - Robert Basore

Challenges & Results

The main challenges we faced were relating to generational demographics and breaking the mold. We had to answer the question:

How do we build ethos for an industry the formerly destroyed the US economy? An industry that stole $417 billion from the american people without consequence. And as a result, stunted the  demographic business and spending cycles for most of that X, Millennial, and Y generations.

The answer was simple because The Donnelly Agency had already flipped the script as a disruptor in the financial industry. Their business model offers education and trust in place of deception and manipulation. We focused on their three key pillars through out the design process and were able to create a strong visual identity. 

Breaking the mold of the current financial industry design norms was easy for us as design firm rooted in modernism, inclusion, and sustainable business practices. The current industry provided the  perfect, "what not to do guide".  Generic stock business photography and icons weren't even a consideration. No longer will big city stock images, corporate blue, and  cheesy old school financial logos resonate with the future generations. Knowing this made it easy to overcome our challenges. 

We know that modern businesses exist with the individual, the entrepreneur, and with distributed teams. 

The resulting production included a brand identity system that included 3 logo variations, a variable logo subject design system, 2 font typographic hierarchy, 3 glyph marks, 5 brand patterns, digital brand guidelines website, and a 1 minute brand animation. Additionally, corporate identity assets, 6 business card variations, email signatures, and email marketing templates were included.

View Full Brand Guide Here

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