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Creating A Wellness Community For Wanna Train: The Journey To Becoming A Trusted Mobile Fitness Application Starts With Branding, Creating Awareness And Lots Of Effort.

We needed to help Wanna Train become a credible mobile fitness application not only for users but in the eyes of the already existing fitness community in Bali. With so many travelers coming to Bali each day and the lack of information available for them on where to workout, surf, do yoga, or even go for a run, is quite vast. Our goal was to start from the sources and get as many big gyms, yoga studios, boxing gyms and surf schools on board by creating professional video content solely tailored on highlighting there facilities, the classes they offer, and their amazing instructors. Our approach at first was not to shine the spotlight onto Wanna Train but to create a wealth of knowledge available for our ideal users to offer them for free.

Scope of Work Elements for Project Packages

  • Video Production
  • Social Media Strategy


Client - Wanna Train

Owner - Greg Smith

Digital Agency - Breakthrough Creative

Creative Director - Robert Basore

Senior Editor - Anzhela Markelova

Creative Consultant  - River Davis

Branded Wanna Train Video Production

Content Creation Challenges

The content strategy was the first major hurdle since we needed to fully map out the most highly recommended Yoga Shalas, Gyms, and Fitness facilities all over Bali. We needed to do research on what classes and activities most travelers are interested in exploring during their stays in Bali in order to determine what content would need to be shot by the film crew and brought to life by our in-house motion team. After identifying which gyms, yoga studios and surf camps would be featured, we were tasked with creating personalized video stories that highlighted each facilities unique story and the range of diversity of their classes and trainers. 

The second challenge we were faced with was to find the best way to reach Wanna Trains end users to get this curated content in front of them. With travelers coming from all over the world with many differences in interest, vacation planning, and time spent visiting in Bali. To reach this audience would mean to create a buzz on the island where people would be searching for Wanna Train instead of the other way around.

Design Solutions

To solve the content strategy challenge we met with over 40 gym/yoga/ surf school owners and talked to them about their biggest issues attracting new customers. We researched what most travelers day to day activities looked like. What sports they were partaking in, where they were choosing to stay on the island, what activities they enjoyed. Once we figured out the travelers interests and matched them to the owners pain points, we got to work on creating personalized content that filled the information divide that had been missing in Bali. 

We overcame our content distribution challenge by mapping out where and how to reach potential users. We found the best way to reach these users was through targeted personalized short Instagram story paid advertising. We created small teasers and linked them to the professional curated videos we put together and housed on a Wanna Train YouTube channel. This way, we are able to provide consumers with a one stop hub of online video information. Wanna Train is now able to provide fitness enthusiasts information about where to work out, what classes to try, who the top trainers are on the island, safe places to run etc. We helped Wanna Train become a credible source of fitness information, and a trusted fitness partner to Bali’s gym/yoga studio owners, while helping them to build an ever growing fitness community in Bali. At the beginning of our 3 month project Wanna Train’s user base was at 200 DAU’s, by the end of our content strategy and content distribution plan Wanna Train’s DAU’s grew to 15,000 strong.

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Wanna Train’s Fitness YouTube channel

Social Media Audience Expansion Video Production Project

After the completion of our branded Wanna Train video production projects, our mission was to make the video content accessible on all social media platforms, YouTube, Instagram & Instagram Stories, and Facebook.

Content Creation Challenges

With the popularity of Instagram Stories on the rise, we knew we needed to make the video content usable for Instagram stories format. The challenge was that the video content was filmed in the frame size 1920x1080. To maximize the content for Instagram Stories the frame size is 1080x1920.

Design Solutions

Our client needed help growing the Instagram followers, so we came up with a strategy to make the video content that our team produced, usable for all social media platforms. We went through all 20 videos we produced for Wanna Train and adapted them for Instagram Stories to reach a wider audience. We put our creative hats on and reproduced the content to look amazing in the Instagram Stories format. Once the videos were completed our client was equipped to consistently pump out our Instagram Stories videos on a daily basis. We then suggested to the Wanna Train team to use the adapted videos for Instagram Story advertising to reach a larger target audience. We helped them set up a paid advertising campaign and set the granular targeting parameters to reach their ideal audience. We were able to grow their Instagram followers from 650 followers to 1950 followers in the first month, and managed to get 1000+ direct downloads for the Wanna Train mobile application in the same month.

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Wanna Train’s Fitness YouTube channel

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Wanna Train’s Fitness Instagram